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Treating TMJ and Sleep Disorders
TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint, which describes the two jaw joints holding the lower jaw against the skull. They are fragile joints with a complicated disc mechanism that can easily get out of position causing popping and crunchy noises. When these jaw joint discs get displaced, the muscles involved with these joints can cause spasms and pain, which often result in headaches, especially behind the eyes. Clinching and grinding, called bruxism, often due to stress, can make the problems worse. Night time bruxism is often associated with sleep disorders, because the jaw is clinching to tighten the neck muscles in order to help open the airway.

TMJ disorder can happen at any age

Dr. Perkins always thoroughly evaluates the jaw joints of every patient he treats, young and old, to determine if there are any problems with these joints. With over 35 years of experience in treating many aspects of TMJ problems, Dr. Perkins' goal is to help every patient have a healthy bite (occlusion) which can help with the long term health of these joints. Whether he is treating with Invisalign, braces, orthopedics, bite splints or sleep apnea appliances, the goal is always to coordinate the bite and the jaw joint for long term health and comfort.

If you want an orthodontist with 35 years of experience in treating TMJ problems who is always striving for a healthy bite (occlusion) with every patient, Dr. Perkins is an excellent choice.

Dr. Perkins has redesigned one of the best oral appliances for sleep disorders to treat the TMJ (jaw joints) as well. Dr. Perkins' high rate of success in treating orthodontic and sleep disordered breathing problems is definitely due to his extensive experience with treating the jaw joints.

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