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RS from South Texas

Read about RS who to correct his sleep apnea had six failed surgeries, failed CPAP treatment, and three failed oral appliances, before he finally found success with Dr. Perkins’ modified TAP.

"I am a 37-year male. I weigh 177lbs and stand 6'2" tall.

From the time I was a teenager, I have always snored and anyone that observed me sleep remarked that I choked in my sleep.

As I grew older, I realized I was awakening earlier and earlier each morning and also felt increasing fatigued during the day. I went to an ENT doctor who sent me for a sleep study.

The sleep study confirmed that I had severe sleep apnea."

"I was fitted with a CPAP. While the CPAP did address my apnea, mask fit was a big problem. My jaw tends to drop when I am asleep. As a result, the air from the CPAP would shunt out my mouth."

"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in December 2003. At that time, I weighed around 205 lbs. Since then I have had the following surgeries done to address my apnea.

  • UPPP (Uvulo Palato Pharyngo Plasty)
  • Palate Revision Surgery
  • Septoplasty
  • Turblnectomy
  • Tonsilectomy
  • Genioglossal Advancement

With each surgery, I was told that the chance of success was anywhere from 70 to 80 percent. However, today my apnea is still severe and in some split-night sleep studies, my apnea is actually reckoned to be worse than before I had these surgeries.

I was finallv suggested the MMA. Maxilla Mandibular Advancement literally breaks the jaw and advances them forward. It is a morbid procedure with the recovery time being about 6 months. During recovery, the jaws are wired shut. It leads to permanent disfigurement of the face and side effects can linger for many months afterwards. I was told the chances of success were about 90 percent."

Dental Devices
"Having failed at all these surgeries, I decided the only option left for me was a dental device. I did my research and realized that there were many devices and each dentist typically subscribes to a particular dental device. I tried 3 different devices fitted by 3 different dentists. In each case, my apnea was resolved but I had severe jaw pain the following morning and I had to quickly discontinue wearing them."

A Permanent Solution at Last
"I finally researched the website of Dr. Perkins. He thoroughly understands the challenge to fitting an apneac with a dental appliance. Dr. Perkins truly gets the concept of personalized medicine. If the sleep architecture 'is unique to each individual, simply taking a dental device off the, shelf and merely fitting it in one sitting will not be a long-term solution.

Dr. Perkins goes through painstaking lengths to fashion a dental device that is unique to each sleep architecture. He insists on several repeat visits to ensure the dental device is load balanced and that has truly helped me use it on a daily basis with no lingering side-effects. Barring this attention to detail, a dental device will quickly join the ranks of a CPAP- effective at addressing sleep apnea but seldom tolerated long-term."

My Opinion
"I truly believe that a dental device is the only viable long-term option to address sleep apnea. A CPAP is unwieldy and impractical. Surgical options do not work. A well-fitted and load-balanced dental appliance is the only true long-term solution in my experience.

I have diligently worn my TAP for about a year now. My sleep has improved and so has the quality of life. I have more energy. I am beginning to hit the REM phase of my sleep as evidenced by vivid dreams. I have lost about 20 lbs since wearing the TAP fitted by Dr. Perkins. I now weigh 177 lbs.

I am willing to discuss my experience with anyone considering a dental device."

Dr. Ron Perkins

Read about Dr. Perkins' firsthand experience suffering from severe sleep apnea himself and how treatment with the TAP appliance improved his health and quality of life.

"I suffered from severe snoring and sleep apnea and a simple oral appliance saved my life. Being an orthodontist interested in early treatment of young children, I was aware of the consequences and the dangers of snoring and sleep apnea in children. However, I was unaware I suffered from this ailment myself for many years.

I SUFFERED THE CONSEQUENCES! Snoring so loudly, I was always required to sleep in a remote area on fishing trips and other outings with my friends. I had become extremely overweight (which by the way makes sleep apnea much worse). I started gaining other problems as well, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, inadequate sleep, backache, aching joints, and depression. Early diagnosis would have prevented the development of many of these problems. I did not know what it was like to sleep well until I started using the TAP oral appliance.

Within a few weeks many of my symptoms were gone and I felt better and more rested than I thought possible, and I started losing weight - with a little help from Weight Watchers. My blood pressure went down and I stopped taking medication for acid reflux.

I did have major changes in my bite, which motivated me to modify the appliance. I have used this modified version to treat patients for seven years. I have been able to eliminate these side effects and make the appliance much more comfortable, as well as eliminating TMJ symptoms.


Susie from Oklahoma

Read about Susie who tried every kind of CPAP with no success. After just a few weeks of Dr. Perkins’ treatment, Susie was rested, happy, and free of headaches.

"Don’t try to fool yourself…sleep apnea is a serious condition!

According to statistics, people who have sleep apnea are 5 times more likely to die in a car crash. I know because I was almost one of those statistics. I struggled with poor sleep and continually being tired for several years before I fell asleep at the wheel while on the job. I crossed the center median and side swiped a bridge while asleep. How lucky I was that I was ON the bridge and not at the EDGE of the bridge where I would have run head on into it. I was so lucky that the driver of the oncoming car saw what was occurring and was perceptive enough to slow down and change lanes. I made a decision right there that I was going to go to the doctor and find out why I was so tired all the time. I made an appointment with my local doctor who sent me for a sleep study in Oklahoma City. Lo and behold, I not only had sleep apnea, I had SEVERE sleep apnea. So this was the culprit for my general and overall fatigue, constant headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, lack of patience with my family, and just about every other symptom you could think of.

After two nights at the sleep center, they got me hooked up with a CPAP machine. For those of you who don’t know about Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP, let me explain.  This mask-like apparatus goes on your head and then is connected by a hose to a machine that forces air down your throat and keeps oxygen going all night for you. It’s like being tied up to a machine by a 5 foot hose. You have to be careful that the mask fits right because it can break down your skin tissue on your face. Great…another thing to worry about! My husband had to sleep in the other room because of the noise the machine made. He said it sounded like a tire going flat. I had the machine for about 6 months and was only able to sleep through the night 3 full nights with it. I tried 3 different face masks, but could not find one that I could use. There was the one that the hose came directly in front of my face and streamed out like an elephant’s trunk in front of me. Then there was the one that the hose was pointed upward and came directly off the top of my head. My husband would say “May the force be with you” before he went off to bed in the other room…he’s a Star Wars fan! If I tried to talk with the mask on, I sounded like a Star Wars alien, too! I also tried the mask that went directly into my nasal cavity…I couldn’t sleep with any of them and I had a lot of nasal congestion the next day if I slept with the mask on for even a few hours. 

My family was really worried about my health condition and mental attitude and my oldest daughter got on the Internet and found Dr. Ron Perkins’ website and she read about his approach to sleep apnea. She e-mailed me and said, “Mom, you’ve got to check this website out”. I don’t know why she chose that particular website from all the ones listed, but I am so happy that she did. I made an appointment in September of 2007 and was fitted with the mouth appliance in October. I immediately began sleeping better. My husband can now sleep in our bedroom because I am not snoring any more. He also says that I no longer have the episodes where I stop breathing and then gasp for air. What I am really enjoying is my energy level is back up to where it was 10 years ago and I hardly ever have a headache. I had been taking headache medication on a daily basis for many years before I went to see Dr. Perkins. I was also suffering from TMD in my jaw and the mouth appliance that I sleep in has greatly improved that condition, too. The best part is my daughter told me “I’ve got my old mom back!” I say what’s this “old” stuff…I feel young again! 

Dr. Ron Perkins and his staff, Team Perkins, are so nice to work with. They are all very friendly and have helped with insurance claims and in scheduling convenient appointments for me since I have to travel so far. I live in Oklahoma and it is a 330 mile round trip for me to come to Dallas. It has definitely been worth making the trip, because I feel so much better! I give Dr. Perkins and his “Team” all the credit for the way I am feeling now. Dr. Perkins is a “super guy” and he has spent lots of time with me answering questions and being genuinely interested in making me feel better. I am back to my “old self” and feel great again! I hope that you will give him a chance to help you in the same way that he has helped me!"

Ed from Murphy, Texas

Read about Ed who felt so well after just one night wearing Dr. Perkins’ appliance that he emailed his family and friends about his immediate improvement and encouraged them to seek treatment.

"Dr. Perkins, the e-mail below was sent to my friends and family members, who also suffer from heavy snoring and most likely Sleep Apnea.

As of today, I have gone an entire MONTH without snoring and with NO sleep apnea!

In fact, I have been tracking the list of symptoms that have either been greatly improved or completely eradicated using the TAP:

  • Snoring
  • Stop breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Acid reflux / indigestion
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Backache
  • Joint aches
  • Headaches
  • Waking up short of breath
  • RLS: Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Restless sleep

This is TRULY amazing, and I cannot say “thank you” enough for your work and dedication to solving this problem for me and others like me – who were suffering daily from the effects of sleep apnea. Besides being an excellent physician, you are truly a kindred spirit!

After three nights of restful sleep – mine and my wife’s – she turned to me and said “man, that thing is a MIRACLE device!”

The TAP is truly that – an amazing tool that is simple – yet completely effective.

I am talking to all of my friends and everyone that I come in contact with, directing them to your website for information.

This is part of my mission in life now, too: to tell everyone about the TAP device, so that it might hopefully resolve their issues and end the needless suffering and potential dangers of excessive sleep deprivation.

Once again, I thank you, and my wife and four children thank you!

God Bless you and your work.

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 14:28:38
Subject: Sleep Apnea and Snoring issues SOLVED!!!

Okay boys and girls!!! Have I got some news!

Last night I had NO SNORING, NO SLEEP APNEA, and best of all – NO ELBOWS in the back from Kellie!

I know some of you guys have used the C-PAP machine, and have had limited to excellent success with it.

But I've got this new TAP™ (Thornton Adjustable Positioner) appliance, which is akin to wearing a football mouthpiece – and it worked GREAT my first night!

Here's the website:

I feel like a new man today…and note that's after sleeping 2 hours the night before. So not only was I exhausted, but I had sinus issues, major headaches, and all that jazz. Usually, it takes me about 10-12 hours of sleep – and a few hours of feeling groggy – to recover and feel decent again.

This time I did it in under 8 HOURS!

That's almost 8 contiguous hours of sleep!!! I probably haven't done that in about 10 YEARS! (And the whole time I breathed through my nose, lying flat on my back – the WORST SNORING position that I can find.)

So today - due to a crazy work schedule this AM – it's now 2:00PM, I haven't eaten all day and I STILL FEEL GREAT!!! (Going to get some food now…) ;-)

I knew that I couldn't lug around a C-PAP with me the way I travel… Now - I've got a cute, little blue carrying case with my TAP (I know you're jealous guys).

Meet Dr. Ron Perkins "Super Dentist"!!!

This guy is AWESOME – as he suffered from chronic, severe Sleep Apnea himself. He was referred to me by my E.N.T. at Medical City Dallas, Dr. Timothy Trone, who also suffered from Sleep Apnea. So Dr. Trone fixed my deviated septum and nasal passages a couple of years ago, and it's been GREAT ever since.

NOTE: Both Dr. Perkins and Dr. Trone wear the TAP every night!

Many years ago, I was tested in a Sleep Disorder clinic and the results showed that I had "36 events per hour". That means that I STOPPED BREATHING 36 times in one hour!!!

After Reggie White died at 45 yrs. old of what was believed to be a heart-attack from Sleep Apnea, Kellie has been very concerned that I would meet the same fate.

So too, was Dr. Perkins – who will tell you his own story, which is why he is totally committed to the best treatment available.

My dental coverage didn't cover this but I had decided that NOTHING is worth the way I've been feeling, exhausted, groggy, driving long distances this way – and never fully recovering with a full night's sleep.

Team Perkins Orthodontics has two locations – one in the White Rock area and another in Rockwall (in an old, antique home off of Hwy 205).

Take your pick – but if you're interested – you GOTTA tell Dr. Perkins that I referred you. (There's no referral program, just tell him.)

He loves a good success story, because he feels like his purpose in life is to change – and save - LIVES with his work.

Have a great weekend!"


Read about MB, a very active triathlete and Ironman competitor, whose headaches and snoring significantly improved with Dr. Perkins’ appliance.

Thank you for helping cure my snoring and headache problem. As a very active triathlete and Ironman competitor, good sleep is critical for recovery and rest. I was in very good shape but was having problems sleeping and snoring (which drove my wife crazy). Within a month of getting my new dental appliance, I stopped snoring and I sleep much more soundly. I no longer have headaches and my wife does not have to listen to me snore.


Read about DS who finally got some rest with Dr. Perkins’ appliance.

Let me start by saying “thank you” for giving me over 5 years of dedicated, professional service and for providing me a way out of my terrible snoring and restless nights! Dr. Perkins and his staff have cared for me with friendly, focused attention and have shown me a safe and reliable alternative to just “living with” my obstructed airway while I try to get some rest. Again, thank you for the priceless gift of improving my health and quality of life!

SW from Flower Mound, Texas

Read about SW from Flower Mound, TX who stated that treatment from Dr. Perkins was her best decision of the entire year.

My name is SW. I had severe sleep apnea and used to wear CPAP for a few years. But my increased loud snoring, daytime tiredness, dark circles under my eyes, numerous wake ups in the night, general joint pains and sluggish concentration while driving, made me start looking for a better solution for my sleep apnea. As I was reading about different improved sleep apnea treatments, I came across Dr. Perkins’ website. It was a big plus for me that Dr. Perkins had used this appliance himself.

Even though my insurance denied coverage and I had to pay out of pocket, the long term benefit was worth it. It has been several months since I started using the appliance. Within the first month, I slept through the night and saw that I felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning. My joint pains were much better. In the next months, my concentration and focus during the day improved. I have more energy. My other added benefit of the device moving the lower jaw forward (if you don’t use the AM aligner), is that my overbite is now corrected.

I cannot say enough of how Dr. Perkins and his helpful office staff have been a blessing in my life. My general outlook is so much better than how I felt last year this time. I wish more people will realize that sometimes you have to go with your gut feelings and don’t be discouraged by insurances when it comes to your well being!

Thank you Dr. Perkins for your wonderful work! Please continue developing your other ideas to improve orthodontics and sleep apnea.


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