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Dr. Perkins has recovered from severe sleep apnea himself and it was a life-changing experience. He knows what it's like to suffer from sleep apnea and to wear the TAP appliance. Contact Dr. Perkins today to find out how you, too, can find relief from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring, and benefit from the continued improvements made by Dr. Perkins.

TAP wearers enjoy quiet nights

Physicians Wife:
"His snoring stopped the first night."

Dallas Executive:
"I had to get a TAP because my family wouldn't go camping with snoring kept them awake and the kids were afraid the snoring would attract bears because they said I sounded like one."

Couple Married 30 years:
"...the TAP saved our marriage."

Retired Teacher:
"I take the TAP everywhere I travel and my travel companions don't have to bring their ear plugs. My sleep apnea was so bad that tests showed I stopped breathing while asleep many times each niight for as long as 17-29 seconds each time."

Texas Family Man:
"My family finally convinced me I snore by putting stereo microphone next to me and turning up the snoring woke me up."

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